Regular Maintenance

The following schedule is recommended to keep the trailer in good condition. Maintenance requirements will vary depending on the circumstances in which the trailer is operating.

IMPORTANT: After the first 500 miles the brakes must be adjusted at the hubs to allow for initial bedding in. Failure to do this will permit the hitch damper to travel excessively and overheat causing premature failure which cannot be covered by our warranty.

Each 500 miles or 800 km:

  • Check the operation of the lights.
  • Check the tyre pressures.
  • Check that the wheel nuts are tight.
  • Check for missing hub grease caps and inspect for any damage.

Each 2500 miles or 4000km:

  • Adjust the brakes.
  • Lubricate the brake linkages.
  • Check the free movement of the brake cables.
  • Inspect for tyre wear.
  • Grease the overrun coupling and lubricate the jockey wheel.
  • Check the security of the axle and hitch mounting bolts.

Each 5000 miles or 8000km:

  • Remove the hubs and check the brake lining condition.
  • Check, re-grease and readjust tne wheel hub bearings.
  • Inspect the floor for signs of wear, the rear door catches and the general body condition.