How to adjust the breaks

  1. Jack up the trailer one wheel at a time whilst other wheels remain chocked.
  2. Release the handbrake and ensure that the overrun coupling is fully forward and that the cables and linkages are free and fully retracted.
  3. Rotate the wheel forward and tighten the adjuster on the back of the brake plate until the brakes apply.
  4. Release the adjuster until the wheel turns freely forward.
  5. Apply and release the handbrake to centralise the brake shoes.
  6. Make any final adjustments required to the brakes.
  7. Repeat on the other wheels.
  8. The main brake rod adjuster at the back of the hitch should not require adjustment, but if this is necessary, release the lock nuts and adjust the linkage until there is 1mm of play between the hitch draw tube and the main brake operating lever.
  9. Check the operation of the handbrake, the brake linkage should retract when each wheel is rotated backwards and the brakes should reapply.

Most brake adjustment problems and the cause of hubs overheating is usually the flexible cables being damaged or sticking. If they are not working freely they should be replaced. The cables should not be greased, this may cause them to stick, but they can be lightly oiled.